Verlauf Hintergrund


Since 1974 LEUSCH stands for the development and production of high-quality industrial valves.

At the headquarter in Neuss LEUSCH produces valves for industrial applications on the request of world-wide customers. Our main fields of application are in chemical industry, pulp and paper industry, refineries, sea water desalination plants, waste water treatment, gas extraction and transport, ship building, offshore technology etc.

The specific construction characteristics and the use of high quality materials qualify our “High Performance Valves” for most extreme operating conditions such as low and high temperature applications as well as high pressure.

The range of products consists double and triple eccentric control and on-off butterfly valves, ball valves, ball segment valves and special valves with pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuators.

Since 2003 LEUSCH GmbH belongs to the global going SAMSON AG based in Frankfurt am Main. This is why international sales and after sales service is guarantee

ISO 9001 & CE

In order to guarantee the high quality requirements on our products, our construction and production is based on ISO 9001:2008, HP 0 / TRD 201, and TRB 801, no. 45 and the European Directive for Pressure Equipment 97/23/EC.

The valves leaving our works have been subject to 100% testing procedure. By a production schedule the customer knows at any time the status of production of his valves.